Drowning of Winter 2024

MAC Amphitheatre Cannon Hill Park

Franek Czech

4/25/20241 min read

We recently performed at a large event in Birmingham called the Drowning of Winter. In Eastern Europe the drowning of he Marzanna or Morena has been a tradition passed down the generation to signify the end of winter and the start of Spring.

We had a great time performing our revamped version of Żywiec to a standing ovation from the crowd, I'm sure they were all impressed by the girls beautiful singing and the tricks that the guys were pulling off (even on that uneven concrete!) We also watched other communities from Slovakia, Latvia, Czechia, Ukraine and Moldova perform their dances before a singing procession took the effigy of Marzanna to the river and drowned it in the hope of warm weather and longer days (and some more performance!)

Here you can watch our Highlights starting at 22:43 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV9osLJeSFQ)